Avenue Equestrian Business Coach

Build your business with confidence

Avenue Equestrian provides coaching to Equestrian Entrepreneurs by combining data, strategy and support to create the business of your dreams.

Hi, I’m Kelly

A horse girl turned business strategist – turned back to horse girl who loves helping equestrian small businesses grow and thrive

I created Avenue Equestrian to help equestrian entrepreneurs cut through the overwhelm and grow their businesses purposefully.

If you’re an equestrian business owner who…

Has a lot of ideas but doesn’t know where to start

Feels alone in your business

Needs accountability to make sure the important things get done

Doesn’t know what to do next

Let’s unlock your challenges…together

There are several ways we can work together so you can make business decisions with confidence, grow your revenue and love your business.

Avenue Equestrian clients are connecting with the right audience, bringing innovative ideas to love and making more money than ever. Here’s how they’re doing it…

1:1 Coaching

Perfect for the solo-preneur, we work together to identify projects, plan the tactics to make them happen, outline challenges and come up with solutions. This is a great option to organize all the thoughts floating around in your head or solidifying HOW you can bring your great ideas to life

Not sure if coaching is for you? We can work together in other ways!

Strategy Intensive

A 90 minute deep dive into a business challenge. We’ll get to work right away so you can leave the meeting with a list of actionable steps


For more hands-on support, we partner to work on a project from start to finish!

Here’s what clients are saying…

“Kelly has helped to make me aware of the importance of foresight and accountability in my business. The success of my business is directly reflected by my own confidence that has grown since working with Kelly”

Lena, Enso Therapeutics

“I feel there has been a shift in my confidence. I believe that I’m capable of achieving my business goals and I have the proper support to help me do that in working with Kelly. And more importantly, I’ve made a friend. I feel that Kelly truly wants me to succeed and does everything she can to help make that happen!”

Ansley, AB Therapeutics